Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Silent Preacher
I was thinking about what I could do for a short write-up, I thought, which can be dangerous at times me thinking. What can I do?  Then I read something and I said, "that is it!"  So, I titled this The Silent Preacher.  This is fact, too, as there is such a thing.  Can you guess? It is the simple, small paper called a gospel tract. This wonder is silent as the content words speak for themselves. It is what so many people hate receiving from others, and some are thrilled to get one as certain ones pertain to certain stories that relate to certain people.

I love the chick cartoon tracts as all love reading them.   I also like the Pilgrim Tract Society ones, though not colored or fancy, but most have true to life stories and they convict me much a lot of times . Some people reject them.  But, rejecting them, they are rejecting the free gift of salvation that our Lord Jesus Christ offers to them.  Refusing to accept tracts can put people in hell because they don't want to hear, no matter how much you may witness to one or give tracts to or pray for these people. Some tracts are not good so we need to pray before we buy certain brands, as many use perversions and not the KJB, thinking it is the Word of God when they are not.

Where the perversions may have just enough in them to actually save someone, one will never grow by reading the heathen perversions such as the RSV, ASV, NLB, NIV, NSAB, NASB, NKJV, TLWB, TBFS, WALMART, KMART, CAN.TIRE, GNFMM, LDSB, etc.  God never made more than one Bible but the KJB is the true Word of God.  One will grow spiritually  quick and efficient and make remarkable progress, if he truly loves the Lord, and wants to grow and learn about the Lord and His Holy Word after salvation and the succeeding times, too.

Tracts are a great witnessing tool when you have no words to say,  They will say most times exactly what you want to say, providing you give the right tract to the right person.  Sometimes you can give a wrong tract to someone at the wrong time and they will still be open to hear the gospel.  Others may not be open to it also, so you never know. Never let anyone discourage you from giving them out as many Christians never give any out anyway.  But, a lot just witness by mouth, which is great too. But, it is good to have a pocket full of tracts on hand too.  Me? I like giving out to people (we all need to as true Christians), especially if you are shy and short of words, not knowing exactly what to say. Don't give out if you do not know the gospel, and if you have no verses memorized. Else, though, you can show in the Bible where the verses are to others thereby helping you to be a more effective witness for the Lord. When the Lord fills you with His Holy Spirit, He will teach you what you need to know.  He will give you the words to say when you speak to others. He will give you ability to memorize salvation verses for verses.  Most importantly, He will show you the verses that state you are eternally saved and can never lose your salvation. He will give you the boldness you need to share God's word with a lost and dead world of sinners.
You can also leave tracts in places of businesses, phone booths, washroom areas, schools, in post offices, bulletin boards, and grocery stores.  But friend, never put them IN people's cars because you will be invading their privacy and you can be charged. On the outside under the windshield wiper blade is good. Remember to pray always.  If you never pray when you pass them out, chances are, no one will be receptive to seeing them and taking in what they read.  Pray much before and during sharing with others.  After that, you can place the tracts in areas where people can see.  Pray also after you done the job, and the Lord will honor what you did for Him as His Word will not come back void. Even if you never win a soul to Christ, yet a tract you leave behind that does win someone to the Lord Jesus Christ.  That one person can share with others and hundreds can be saved by the one tract you left behind that one person picked up and shared with others, amen!  Praise the Lord and glory to our God forever. So, just give some Silent Preachers to those you see and leave where you can and are able to.  AMEN.

(c) Mike Carey, August 8, 2011
Soul-Winning and Giving Tracts!

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