Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Begins

A new heart also will l give you, and a new spirit will l put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.  Ezekiel 36:26

A great verse and great comfort to me this verse is, as the chapter gives account of the judgment of the Lord on Judah, and as Ezekiel gave hope to Jewish exiles in Babylon. The Lord gave them the hope they need to let them know God Himself will restore the people to there homeland. The Lord also graciously gave them a new heart and a new spirit.

What about you as this new year starts? Has it started with a bang for you with some wildness and parties to celebrate the New Year? With friends and family? Or are you looking to the Lord to a better relationship with Him, to be stronger than ever this year with His coming just around the corner?  Maybe you are unsaved and have no idea what the above verse means? If you are saved, you can have the hope of our Lord's return very soon.  But, until then, what about now as you read this? If you are saved, you should be looking for a new and clean heart.  You should be willing to sacrifice and give in to the Lord so that He can melt your stony heart, give you a new heart and of flesh as well.

Most too often, whether Christians and unbelievers, harden their hearts to all around them.  They are oblivious even to the Holy Spirit touching them.  For them to become human sacrifices, they need to be for the Lord. Instead, they are bystanders watching as other Christians abuse and ruin themselves like we do also.  They try to play up to the crowd of the world not heeding the Holy Spirit who convicts them. God, who is Lord of lords and King of kings, is expecting out of them the need for Him first, then others after. Yet, they put Him off.  So, instead of hearts being fresh and new for this new year, too many of  these are hardened to sins and to selfish heathen pride.  They are not open-minded to the Lord who loves them and wants a personal relationship with them more than ever in these last days.

As the new year begins, what joy it  will be when God will give all of us who trust Him a heart not of human flesh, but of flesh that is from Him.  His Holy Spirit will create in us a new heart.  He will renew a right spirit within us.  New year should begin with the Lord Jesus Christ, and not with your woes, sorrows and desires which would only bring us heartaches, heartbreaks and disasters. If we have the such, let us take them to the Lord in prayer.  He will comfort and console.   He cares for us as He would a newborn baby. He will never leave us nor forsake us.  He would draw near to us IF we would draw near to Him.  Let us get right with the Lord so we can be His men or women.  We can walk with Him as once did Enoch. 

If you are unsaved, call upon the name of the Lord out of tearful repentance and conviction.  The Lord Jesus Christ will save you.  Start this new year with a big BANG by accepting the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour, seek Him each day and keep your heart and mind on Him till He returns in all His glory. So, unsaved dear soul, do you want a new heart in place of your wicked stony heart, and a new spirit placed inside you? If not, hell is where you'll go with no way out. Not the Lord's will that anyone goes to hell, but if you want a new heart and the Holy Spirit abiding in you, call on the name of the Lord and He will save you, dear person.

So, look to our Lord Jesus Christ this new year for a new heart and get rid of the old stone-cold heart you once had.

Amen and praise our Lord!

(c) January 4, 2011; Michael Carey

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