Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Someone Will

The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Obadiah 3

I have been off work for quite some time now due to health problems.  It has given me more time to spend it with our Lord, to pray more, and to read and study His Word (the Bible) even more.  I love it!  Secular work is necessary, but for those who know the Lord has called into the ministry like me, I rather be full time for Him than work for the world.  The Lord's benefits are more wonderful and outweigh the world's treasures anytime. Furthermore, to be employed in the Lord's work makes me happier than any job can.  Although secular work pays our food and bills, but the Lord's payment means "He will supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus".  He will, even if you have no job (amen and amen). So being off, I  now have done much reading, studying, and focusing on God's Word. He gives me much when I search and look for Him to feed me.

The above verse tells me much because the Lord convicted me and fed me, too, with this short message.  I have no notes so that I will write as the Lord leads me.  I know this will glorify and lift Him up, not me. If I,  then my pride is taking charge of me.

Obadiah tells us that God will punish the Edomites for their participation in the humiliation of Jerusalem. This verse also speaks of them as being full of pride and vanity thinking nothing will bring them down because they think of themselves as being invincible. The Lord condemns this and through Obadiah, God will bring them down.

So how about us? What about us? Will we continue to be a proud nation that is so full of ourselves?  Will we see ourselves as a proud nation that God would not condemn nor trodden by His wrath and anger even though we sin due to our pride? Woe to us who do not confess our sins and repent.  Woe to us  who do not ask the Lord's forgiveness and accept His SON Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord so as not to keep from going to hell. As a Christian, I  am saved already, but I know my pride gets the best of me too much.  I have prayed to our faithful Lord to convict me more than ever.  I need His hand on me to shake me once in awhile for me realize l am nothing without Him and His righteousness. Without Him l can do nothing.  Without Him none of you can do anything.  If not for His glorious grace and mercy, all of you would be in hell  because we all deserve hell, His anger and His wrath. But, He has loved us so much that He want to save all humankind from hell.  His wrath and anger will show if we do not set aside our pride and put on robes of Christ's righteousness. Pride kills and destroy the very foundation of society .  America and Canada are no exemptions. Because of stupid pride, there are wars not only among countries, but among individuals.  Church members are diking out and not swallowing their damnable heathen pride to turn from their sins and admitting their faults and mistakes.   Even saying "I Am Sorry" and asking forgiveness is very hard to do. 

With the world getting more contemptible and wicked every day,  it is time to seek the Lord even more.  Let us love and forgive those who wrong us.  Pray that we bridge the gap instead of  holding grudge with people.  Avoid being callous in our thinking and being crude in our talk.  The day of the Lord is coming very soon. Instead many of us are so full of pride to think nothing or no one can knock us down.  Many of us have attitudes that proudly say nothing bothers us when we sin.  These never even bother us or our conscience anymore. 

Well, rebellious heart, you will be beaten into oblivion and smashed into submission from God.  He will not stand much longer the evil that is constant in this world and inside you. Because of pride,  it makes you feels you are much greater than what you are. You will hide in high places and will say that no one will tell you anything because you are right and everyone else is wrong. That is pride!  It will send many to hell partly because of brain-dead theology, too, that so many teach is contrary to the Word of God.   Your pride will be your downfall.  You say like it says it the verse above, "Who shall bring me down to the ground?"  Yes, the LORD GOD Almighty will bring you down!  Not only will He humble you, but He will humiliate you, smash you, beat you into submission, and cast you in hell, if you have never admitted yourself as a sinner.  Confess your sin, repent, ask His forgiveness, and accept God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ into your life with tears of conviction and heartfelt remorse. 

Sodomite, child molester, porno person, abortionist, killer, adulterer, drinker, drug addict, etc. will all face His Highness, the Lord.  They will be judged horrifically before the great white throne and after that, they will He thrown in hell.  To you  who  repent and accept Christ as your Saviour and Lord, will go to heaven.

So, is it worth it to allow pride and other sins to do to you what it has done to others?

(c) Mike Carey, January 5,2011


Splendiferous Girls said...

Great post..the Lord is using you in a might way..

I am your newest follower..



DeanO said...

Pride - the scourge of America. Great post