Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Questions To Ponder, Part 3

Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Proverbs 4:26
Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, [that] thou canst not know [them]. Proverbs 5:6

This is a continuation of the previous parts as it is hard to get time to do such things.  Now l have a little to spare to possibly finish this. Again this was done in 2008. I have done some editing too in this final section. Here they are:
  • Why is no one being convicted of their sins and wickedness these days? Because they have lost touch with God.
  • Why isn't the power of conviction on people these days? Because all have resisted, grieved, quenched the Holy Spirit and people love their sins more than they love an intimate friendship with Jesus Christ, our Lord.
  • Why are hypocrites behind the pulpits sending people to hell instead of preaching the whole council of God, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in a convicting way to slam home hard convicting  truth, to humble the heathen to repentance, to confess their sins, accept Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them in being saved?
  • Why have we no tears for others around us who are lost and going to hell? Do we not care? Are we not concerned? Do we have no compassion for them? Why are we so oblivious  to those around us that they need Jesus more than we ever could imagine? Is it true most of the time we are too comfortable within ourselves that we feel we have no need of the lost? 
  • Isn't it true we are comfortable in a way with how we live, our lifestyles, our refined manner, that we care not about the things of Christ and heaven the way we should? 
  • Why do we paint each other different colours in a way to bring a proud honour on ourselves and yet fail to realize and understand the simplicity of human life and the need for all humans to live the way we should before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? 
  • How do we expect God to fully bless us and answer our prayers if we continually grieve Him, resist Him and not allow Him to take first place in our lives to accomplish HIS will for our lives? 
  • Why do we not have deep heart trouble enough to be burdened with those we call "friends" in the church? 
  • Are we too self absorbed with the wickedness of this world to think all is ok when the whole world in actuality is going to hell? 
  • Do YOU love God? Do YOU love Jesus? Do YOU love the Holy Spirit? Why do you say I love, love, love, love Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, yet live in total rejection and disobedience to them by blaspheming them, cursing them, doing and saying things that hurt them? At the same time never humbling yourself on your knees and face to admit your sinfulness to our gracious Lord God and confess your guilt, repent of it all, turn from it, and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you? You know why? Because you are wicked and deceitful in heart.  Your conscience is cold and calloused.  Your hands are unclean and defiled.  Your heart is not pure but hard with no feeling nor any conviction in you. Instead of the Holy Spirit indwelling in you, the spirit of darkness is in you. 
  • Are we that weak in faith that we can't become stronger if only we trust in Almighty God for everything? Why do we trust in the authority of man when we can trust in the power of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ for all our needs? 
  • Why can't we open our mouths and say "I'm sorry", "I admit I made a mistake", "if you please", "thank you", and "I love you" in a humble way with a tear in our eyes, instead of being too big of a person and too filthy prideful? And arrogant? And ignorant? And foolish? Why can't we all get along? No one ever will or can, but we could. 
  • Why do we have cram down each others throats our own philosophies, our own opinions, our own ways or how others should do things and live, when we should be helping each other; and learning and teaching good Godly values, morals, and character  to others? 
  • Why do we need to have a say on everything that is said, instead of just showing some grace and a little kindness? Time we shut up for a change. 
  • I love God, do YOU? I love Jesus, do YOU? I love the Holy Spirit, do YOU? You do? How do you love all of them? Are you too prideful and contentious to do so? Are you too vile in your lusts to know how to? Or maybe you're no Christian at all and have never trusted and believed in Jesus to be your own personal Saviour. Think about this. 
  • Are we that rebellious that we can't give in to our Lord God and commit our lives to Him? Are we that ignorant that we'd rather believe in and trust in our own selves to get where we're going and not Him? Are we that disobedient that we can't even accept His final word in and for our lives? 
  • Do we live in such a state that our minds are set on what we think is good, Godly, and right, yet we can't and won't be dependent on Christ our Lord and have the mind of Christ, if saved? 
  • Why do we have a heart for the things of this world yet not convicted to lay up treasures in heaven? 
  • Has God humbled you lately? Has He smashed your hard heart and driven you to your knees before His awesome presence? Have you bowed before Him at an altar, sitting with tears streaming down your face with your head in your hands? (January 2012, I did today. Will you?) Have you given in to Him in a way that you feel the terrible burden in yourself that you have no choice but to cry out to Him in desperate need of our Saviour? 
  • Are we that prayer-less that we can acknowledge our God in heaven for His mercy He has shown to us? Why haven't you spent time in prayer with God? Why do you talk so little to Him? Why do you ignore the one who made you? Why can't you just allow Him to have control over you? Do you know what hard heartedness mean? No feeling and so sit there like a bump on a log too stubborn and pigheaded to fall down before our Lord and Saviour  who is worthy to be praised and worship by you, ALL OF YOU. 
  • Why do we say I love you God yet don't mean it? Why do we say I will surrender to You Jesus as I give You my all, yet our ALL has NOTHING to do with Him? Why are we not moved nor feel deep conviction and have no heart to follow, trust, obey, live as we need to for Christ our Lord? 
  • Why are we so complacent and stagnant that we smell and reek of raw sewage? Are we that stale and dirty that we feel not the need to be cleansed by Jesus' blood everyday? Why are we not confessing our sins to Jesus each day? Why are we not being in heartfelt repentance to Him? Why are not turning from our filthy sins? Why are we not asking for God's forgiveness so we can get right with Him once and for all? WHY? WHY? WHY? 
  • Why is it that Jesus says 'If ye love me, keep my commandments'? Why is it that we don't? Have you held Jesus in your arms lately? He holds some of you, but are you holding Him? Well... are you? Or are you too full of pride?  Are we really filled with the Holy Spirit or are we really filled with... OURSELVES? Have you been in a drunken state for Jesus or a drunken stupor for your lusts? 
  • Are you receiving what God has to offer you or rejecting it all for the satisfaction of others? Are you being led by the loving outstretched arm of Christ our Lord or led astray by the intimidating hand of the world? 
  • Why is it we sing 'Sweet Hour Of Prayer', but we won't devote that much time in prayer each day? What is one hour anyway? Why do we pray to God and talk to Him, yet not pray with God and talk with Him? There is a huge difference. When you don't know what to say to God, I believe He would love to hear you say 'have mercy on me a sinner' and 'I love you.' 
  • Do you know God says to you, "I love you", "I can and will convict you", "I can make you worship me", "I can take your life at any time", "I can make you do anything I want you to, but I won't"? Do you know God says, "I will be your friend"? "Please don't deny Me. Please be mine.", won't you? 
  • Do you know God says: "You break My heart when you sin"? "When you curse Me"? "When you reject My free gift of eternal salvation"? "Why do you turn your back on Me, can't you see my tears for you?" "Your heart may not weep for Me, but you know My heart weeps for yours"? 
  • Do you know God says: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"? So why don't you? God also says: "DO I not mean enough to you that you won't kneel before Me and worship Me the way you should"? God also says: "I made you to glorify Me and worship Me, yet why don't you? You claim you love Me".

Final thought...

  • Do you know God says, "You talk a good talk and talk about praying to Me, thanking Me, talking to others about Me, but do you know all that you say.  Your talk, your prayers, your walk is meaningless to me and shallow because your heart is not in it, and your pride overtakes your humility? Hypocrites!

When all else fails, just think of all He has done for you and give Him thanks in EVERYTHING.

© Mike Carey; January 14, 2012

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