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Separation Among Christians: Reasons For It and Why It Must Be Done

There is much said why so many people leave churches or have debates with other Brothers in Christ.  Much is said, too, why each one believes they are right in why they leave, and wonder why and what happened. Today, there is good reason to be "ye separate" from other believers in the Lord. For good ones too, not to not talk with them when one has a chance.  We need to acknowledge them in passing, be ye kind one to another and show grace to them, as this is only right.  But,  there are reasons, too, why fellowship with other believers could lessen your character and your walk with GOD Himself. (Quite a question?  Please continue reading.)

Walking with God is more important than walking with others.  When you have a walk with God that is undefiled and without spot, then will you be able to walk with other sisters and brothers in Christ. Then you will be able to get along with them even if you have not keep company with them. It's a shame that so many are too proud and stuck on themselves that they ignore other Brothers and Sisters by not even saying hi to them in passing. They are so Bible based that they abuse the Word of God. I will say hi to these proud people when l see them. But, I will not invite them to my place as it will weaken my walk with the LORD if l would allow them to influence me in ways which are ungodly. If they would try to make me compromise, give in to them and their beliefs, and not follow what my LORD GOD has told me in order to obey and walk with Him, then they are definitely off me.

Too often, we think so highly of ourselves that we are always right and every one else is wrong. I am wrong a lot.  Will you admit you are? Or you too proud to do so? Most will not humble themselves in front of others.  l have had to in front of other Christians and even the ungodly. But I have much to say and will give verses to show who we are not to walk or associate with.  Remember, consider others above yourself.  Anyway, you can talk with them without agreeing with them. This is true. We can and are able to do this. Jesus Christ was a friend of Publicans and sinners.  We need to be like Him in this manner also without compromising and giving in to deceit and lies fed by others who are Christians or ungodly. 

In Kings 13:11-22 (you  read the entire chapter),  you will see plainly that it talks about people I mentioned, and the consequences of their actions.  I make this short as possible and let you read and study this. Thing is: here the old prophet wanted fellowship with the prophet of Judah.  Reading on, the old prophet claimed he heard a word from the Lord when he didn't and he told a lie to the prophet with no name. Instead of obeying the Lord's will, the man of God gave in to the other man's will by fellowshipping with him. A lie was told that was NOT God's will. The man of God gave in to him, thinking he really heard from the Lord when he did not. Moral lesson of this section: God's punishment results when a lie was told, and man's will went against the Lord's will. When you know the Spirit beareth witness with your spirit in a matter, and someone else tells you different as to make you give in and obey them, you are setting yourself up for a fall.  You will miss out on possibly the biggest blessing God intends to give to you. Also, there is disobedience here. Obeying man over the will of God will be detrimental to you. It will mean the difference in God's blessing for you and your life or fellowshipping with others for compromise. We are not to keep company with those who live in disobedience to the Lord's will. That means to have no fellowship with them no matter how much we may agree in many or most matters. 

Acts 15:36-41 speaks of sharp contention between two brothers in Christ. Some preachers only teach that the only reasons some should leave a church or separate from others are adultery and  false doctrines (if the preacher himself is guilty of). Yes, because if a preacher is caught in adultery and speaking false doctrine you have every right to leave, and never return.  But, that is not the only reasons for leaving.  Anyone who says only for these 2 reasons is part right and lying the rest.  He is not telling you everything you need to truly know. Here in the passage Paul and Barnabas had sharp contention. Many unpleasant words were probably  exchanged between them. Paul and Barnabas had to separate before it got too hot between them both. You can read and see for yourself the reason why.  It is very important that you understand the serious matter between them (If l preach someday l may preach on such things).

Barnabas wanted to take John Mark and Paul disagreed. The disagreement and the sharing of probably unpleasant words caused them to part in different directions.  No doubt, the Lord used both these men greatly too to fulfill His will. All were Godly men and had no choice but to separate. 

Reading 1 Corinthians 5:1-13,  we see separation from fornicators, idolaters, covetous and the extortioners (verse 10). Unfortunately, even born again Christians can become these things that sadden our Lord thru their unrepentant sins. Verse 11 says, ''if any man that is called a brother'' does not mean that he is a true brother in the Lord just because they be called a brother.  Many call themselves brothers.  Many are too, yet many are not.  The verse does refer to those in Christ's. But, to keep separate from them is important.

Much study in done on this short chapter. Verse 13 says, 'But them that are without God judgeth.  Therefore put away among yourselves that wicked person.'  The wicked are not saved so it is easy to see those who cause divisions. Many Christians also cause divisions.  This verse also refers to the godly. If l was a fornicator, all of a sudden do you think any godly person would want to associate with me? If l lied, or stole?  Most certainly not. I would not even fellowship with the ungodly or godly in these areas. We are not to. Ephesians 5:11 says 'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.' 

In 1 Corinthians 9:18, Paul speaks of not abusing his power in the gospel. Are you an abuser of God's Word? l have heard it.  l have been there to see it happen. l know some who do this in my 55 years of life.  The young preachers have not the wisdom to truly know such things now till they get older. This is fact, too. Some may see but your eyes will be truly opened ONLY if you would seek the Lord's face on EVERYTHING through much prayer in every matter.  The Lord has opened my eyes to such things. Being an abuser of the Word of God is lying behind the pulpit.  Every preacher lies.  Every church goer lies.  Every parent lies to their children, and every child lies to their parents. This continues on and on. It is bold, cold, hard fact.  No one is exempt in this. Everyone lies to everyone.  He who says he does not is the biggest liar outside of hell itself. Hell hath enlarged itself and is growing due to many unrepentant people who hate and reject God. The Christian himself/herself lies to God too as he/she abuses what the Lord has allowed him/her to have. This is true for all. So, if you would get upset and annoyed, it only tells me you are convicted. If you say otherwise, you are a liar and an abuser of the Word of God. I lie, too. We all do. I know some who abuse the position the Lord has put them in.  They are the ones who say you have to believe what the church and they believe. l have been told this. l have been accused of lying  by so called Godly people.  Did I? No, I did not. I have before.  We all have, but I vowed to my Lord that I will not abuse the power He gives me to  preach. I have no reason to. To lie is to say we are born sinners, that the Christian is wicked and not righteous, that babies are born heathen degenerates, rapists, sodomites, adulterers, baby killers, pedophiles, born in porno rings, gang shooters, murderers, fornicators, etc. The list goes on and on.

Abusing the Word of God is not to preach the full counsel of the gospel, not preach on sin and name it, and preach against what it truly speaks.  It is to compromise and tickle the ears of people  to speak good things to them.  It is not to offend them or make them mad at preachers. Paul did not abuse the Word of God after he got saved and neither should anyone of us. But today, most are very weak.  It is a shame why God does not call youth to be preachers.  He can't trust their teachers, and them also later in life if the Lord allows them to preach. 

2 Timothy 4:1-4, Galatians 1:6-9, 2 Peter 2:1-3 speak of lying, false doctrine, and perverting the gospel. These texts are good to read and study.  It warns us also not to fellowship with those of so called like faith if they teach doctrine of devils and lie to deceive the people.  It is very sad that you can see most of them as televangelists on tv.  Very few are there that are not after the big buck. Believe it or not, Joyce Meyers is a wicked woman and a Jezebel-teaching man behind the pulpit.  This woman is a multi-multi millionaire (only money she loves), a deceiver, a false teacher and seducer too. That frizzy-haired, sissy Joel Osteen is a heathen.  He believes contrary to the Bible. He is not a true Christian because he belongs to another religion and rejects much or most of what the Bible has to say.  A smiling idiot, Benny Hinn, lies, is a deceiver of people, and false minister. Charles Stanley preaches not on sin or does he condemn it.  He teaches and does not preach. He only uses his perversion the NKJV, which is evil. There are so many well-known others, too.  Many sodomites are allowed to speak and be ministers.  They are an evil entity, are at enmity with God and are an enemy of God, too. Check this out and the revelation will shock you.  They sadden the Lord. Does it anger and sadden you? Islam, Catholicism, Buddhists, New Agers, Lutherans, Calvanists, Mormons, Russellites, Black Muslims, etc., all these are religions and have not the Lord Jesus Christ of the KJB has.  They do not know the true LORD JESUS CHRIST.  Some cults pretended they do.  Others have their own gods and their own jesus (small and big, black and white) which are false and evil, very vile and wicked in the eyes of God. I have the LORD JESUS CHRIST  of the KJB and he is my Saviour, not what one of the heathen religions say of him.  Their gods are idols and MY God hates that.

So, there are many reasons why we are not to fellowship or even associate with other Christians.  There are several reasons, too, to leave a church if leader/s would lie, adulterer, fornicator.  Leave also for the following reasons: if  their will goes against God's will for your life, are contentious, are abusers of God's Word, are disobedient, are perverts the gospel, and are false teachers. There is probably more, too, but l came up with some main ones which are vitally important. You keep separate from them and leave the church if the things mentioned above are taught on.  It is up to you if you want to stay and be grounded in false doctrines, the likes of them and become weaker. Or, you can leave and be stronger on your own, which is what it comes out to be at times, too. If the Holy Spirit does not bear witness with your spirit in what is taught, good chance you are not being taught true Bible and good sound doctrine. Even preachers are not taught this by their teachers.  But, the proud will argue with it. When you know you are right you need not argue, which is why l will not argue. It's not worth it stooping to their level. 

God bless you all. My prayer is that the Lord will bless message this to someone.  Maybe some get mad.  This tells me conviction is setting in.

(c) Mike Carey; January 21, 2012

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