Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life In A Teaching Mission

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I love teaching very much. It was my life, and if God would give me more time and opportunity to teach again, I would definitely accept it!

I was a college intructor before I was paralyzed almost two years ago. For me, it was the kind of profession where I could work best with people and learn from them also. It was my way of reaching out to students in need of learning. Most of all, it was also my opportunity to tell them in many ways that I have a most wonderful and gracious God.

Through the teaching and learning process, I was able to share my life with my students not just in the lessons I taught them. My break times were mostly used as consultation periods for students to come as friends. I often told them I was their friend and we had proven it many times. I listened to different problems and gave them advices. During these precious times, too, many received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord in tears.

College Administrations had always been strict with allowing Christian activities to be held openly in schools. I, too, received reprimands because of these activities. Yet, God had His ways so that His plans were materialized. He used legal means for us to perform His calling.

I was used by God in ways I could not imagine. With Christian co-teachers, we participated in activities that used the college as arena for moral recovery programs by the government. These, of course, paved the way for Christian students to form their own student organizations, legally recognized by the college, to bring other students to Christ. God was good to us.

As I look back now, I still see the school as a very potential mission ground for a missionary-teacher, if all true Christian teachers would really care to be used by God the way He did others. A teacher has all opportunities in the classroom. He can then divert these various opportunities into good grounds where Christ is felt and seen in many wonderful ways.

To the Christian teachers, this is a challenge.

(c) Luisa Mercado; October, 2009

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