Thursday, November 24, 2011

Those Who Are Against Us

For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life. But I trusted in thee O LORD: I said, Thou art my God.         Psalm 31:13,14  

This a sermon title the Lord gave me some time ago, along with these verses, too. Mainly verse 13, but I added verse 14, too. The above statement is true, the title that is. Not so much the ungodly of this world who prospers, but of our so-called Christian brothers and sisters. You find out very fast who are your friends, true friends at that, those who will and will not pray for you no matter what happens, those who are content where they are with no true meaning in their so-called walk with the Lord, and those who defy you and tell you things.  

When you turn to the Lord in humility and prayer, it is those who are the culprits, also withstanding, not building yourself up with pride, but also the Lord can turn things around for HIS glory, for HIS honour and for HIS good as you look upon yourself and say, 'What l have done oh Lord? Help me Father, why have l done what I did to displease and dishonour YOU and all YOU have done for me?' Many times it is not I, nor you who has done so many things that we think are displeasing to the LORD.  So often it is others when we think it is ourselves who is to blame (many times it is, lots of times it is not either).  When we seek the Lord on ALL matters, we find out it is not I, nor you, but others who are against you for some silly or minor concern that they pride themselves on to know, and that their knowledge is power over you.  They see in you a weakness that  the LORD considers a strength in YOU. So are and were you wrong in your evaluation in what others have thought of you? Yes and No. Slander is deadly and a sin also when we accuse fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when we do not have the whole facts on such matters. We are too going of a concern to be truly careful in saying anything these days as we are too proud, too fast to condemn and slow to love.  It should be the other way around, slow to condemn and fast to love.

I am about mid fifties now and am not ashamed.  l have been around a bit. l have see much, more than l care to even consider. I have seen filth, poverty up close. l have seen pride and humbleness in others. I have seen and been involved in things l am ashamed to even mention which l never will on this blog. I have given in to evil and I have held myself back from being involved in things that would of and could of destroyed my life also. But through it all, the LORD GOD, my FATHER has given me more grace and mercy more each day.  As l look back, He has given me benefits that exceeds far beyond those who have more than me in worldly goods. I have slandered others.  Many have me.  It is sin and I hate sin, my own, do you hate yours? Of rebellion?  Of slander against your Christian brothers and sisters? Of your pride? Of you not giving in to ask forgiveness when you are in the wrong? Some of you never ask forgiveness of others because of your stupid, damnable, stinking, filthy pride, in where you build yourself up just because you happen to have a position above others. You look on others who don't agree with you and slander them. Are you better than someone who may be under you man of GOD?  God will judge horribly all those who are of a proud heart, too prideful to even ask forgiveness when they have wronged someone.  Most will never ask forgiveness due to PRIDE.  When people get to the point where they won't humble themselves in front of others, do you really think GOD Himself will forgive you or tell you "well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord?" I believe God, in His holiness, will never say that to most people these days. If l was God I certainly would not. If you don't ask forgiveness, the LORD will not forgive you.

Unfortunately, l know of many like this.  l am the same as l get that way, too. But, when you know the Lord moves in your life and then He tells you that you must leave and go elsewhere, others blame you and point their skinny little finger at you accusing you of contempt and mistakes that you may have done.  In truth, it is the Hand of God Himself in these things, as I have found out myself. This is true and fact, and anyone of you who thinks differently is a liar. GOD is GOD and HE will do what He wants and how He wants and when He wants, not when someone teaches otherwise what they think the LORD or how He should move in the lives of others.  Slanderers! GOD will not put up with this hellish foolishness. The Lord can take someone out of a place and have a better place for them.  But, most would not agree with that as many would try to keep you where you are, then if you don't grow where you are at, they blame you and think it is you yourself holding yourself back from such things, when in fact they DO NOT see the Lord Jesus Christ is in it, telling you what you must do in order to obey Him and serve Him. They do not see this or are very ignorant of the Lord and fail to realize the Hand Of GOD Himself puts some in or takes some out as the expense of slander on those who the Lord frees to serve Him elsewhere. I know this will not be received and I do not care.  The Lord gave this to me so He will deal with you in HIS time.  When you fear it is not of God, why fear? Man can do nothing to you or me.  All he can do is kill the body, but l shall be in heaven if that is done some day, amen to that. I don't fear that.  There are some good fears too, but it is not what I am getting into here. People take counsel against others because they have a fear of, not so much of themselves when they can't get someone on their side, but a fear that the LORD's will will take over and control a person, and not the man controlling that person. l see it, too many try to control others, at work, at my work, in churches, man wants control today.  When the Lord God convicts someone that he cannot keep someone in a church, but that person will be sent out to someplace better to serve GOD, they forget all about God's will in someone else's life and the conviction the Lord put on that person's heart.  He goes out, forgets it completely and tries  to control that person, and others with his human fleshly hand of iron. Or so he think it is iron, when it is only flesh and bone, breakable too. The heart is also breakable, too.  But l wonder how many will break in truth IF they see the truth in the Word of God?  The problem is most of you are unmoved due to pride, and you may say well you are full of pride, you are right, l am. l admit it, but l am ashamed of it too.  What about you? Are you ashamed? Are you in sorrow for the sin of your pride? Are you still slanderous in backbiting and backstabbing in your way? People will take counsel against you.  They will try to take your life from you, not so much physically, but spiritually.   l know.  l have been there, and it is sad and a sin. But when GOD moves in your life,and tells you to leave, you go, and when He does not convict you, you know it was His will. His will is not the same as one behind a pulpit or even if one is not a preacher. GOD has called me to be one. His will was l leave the church where l was. l did. l prayed in tears saying, 'Lord, can l go back and repent?' Nothing came from Him. l said, 'Lord, is their a better place you have for me?' He convicted me greatly on this and told me yes, and NOT IN AUDIBLE WORDS.  The Word of God and God Himself speaks to you and answers questions you have and answers prayer. HE has me and with NO audible words. He does not do that today. Do you have fellowship with the One created you? Some of you do not agree on these things as some would say, 'Give me the Scripture'. Why you poor little boy, God can't answer prayer without a verse every time? In God's time if He wants to confirm to you and give you verses, as He has me, He will, so don't fret. Stop trying to hype yourself up to something you are not. You not worry about others, best you worry about your relationship with GOD IF you have one.

Because the LORD is this, in this time in my life, moving in me, convicting me on many things, to leave, and to just wait on Him, to put someplace else, l shall wait on HIM and not on people. God almighty, l say, Thou art my GOD. He is MY God in all things and thru all things and in Him will l trust. Slander is deadly.  To take counsel against others when it is uncalled for is dangerous.  To take someone's life spiritually and against the will of the Lord, is detrimental. The reason why the Lord Jesus Christ, MY Saviour, took me out, is because of wrong doctrine.  Because of this, He took me out and l feel no conviction whatsoever as He does not want me to go back. Will others pray for me? Probably not. Will I pray for them that took counsel against me? Yes I will. It is my duty to pray for them and I will.

This is another sermon, but l was removed because of my stand on that we are NOT born sinners. I believe this to be Bible and will not budge what the Lord told me in answered prayer, again not audibly. l made a statement once in the way l worded it sounded like l meant the Lord did answer that way, but I did not say it that way as my statement was misinterpreted by some l know of.  I know what I wrote, but others just take it the way you write it and really do not dwell on it to see the true meaning of the statement. A Preacher friend of mine quoted,  "All the 'Bible-believers' that adhere to original sin, don't worry about answering the questions that arise.  They just use their tongues to slay the ones asking the questions and mark them as 'heretics'. That solves the problem for them".

Well said by my Christian Brother in Christ and a great preacher of God's Word, too. This is very true, but those who read this will remain unmoved and too full of pride and their indoctrinated beliefs that their teachers taught them, that they WILL NOT seek the Lord is all truth and be open minded to find THE TRUTH. If they LOVE GOD, if YOU truly love God as you claim you do, men or women, you will truly seek Him on these things and pray and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you.  Then your eyes will be truly opened such as mine were. I have been accused of lying, in a matter of fact, I did not lie in other writings. l have been accused of being a heretic. I find this most interesting, that if l am, why then did the LORD GOD HIMSELF remove me where l attended because of this false doctrine? Anyone who is seeking PURE Bible truth will not argue with this, only a fool, or a very proud one will (Proverbs 26:3-5). I have been slayed by so-called 'Christian' friends, been slandered, counsel against me, cut me off to take away my life spiritually, and not even from the ungodly.  Some of you call yourselves Christians to abuse others with your mouth, thereby building yourself into something you are not. Christian persecution l should of called this instead. l rather be beaten by a mob of heathen preaching to them than slandered by one Christian Brother or sister. I was even told l call God a liar because of this? Really? Then why has God showed me more mercy and grace more than ever before? And why has He been feeding me out of HIS Word and showing me day after day little things, verses, and giving me sermons? Why have I been closer to Him now than ever before? Why have I been thanking Him more and more each day? Why am I more grateful in the little things?  Answer that Mr. Bible Man who has all the answers.  You know not nor have wisdom as you think you do, but you take God for granted and His Word for granted. 

I know this will be read by many and l welcome, we welcome your comments, no matter what your opinion may be. But remember, who are you going to call on when you want to know pure Bible doctrine of the Bible, people or  the Lord? But seek ye  first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

Lastly again l quote the verse Psalm 31:13,14: For l have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life. But l trusted in thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God. And in Him will I TRUST.

You, yes, you who are full of the devil and strife and envy against others, and full of pride, that you in no way can be wrong in doctrine, or other things, it is because you think too highly of yourself.  My prayer for you is that GOD Almighty will smash the pride out of you and beat you mercilessly into submission to Him and spiritually humiliate you.  Until He does that to most of you, you in no way will in no way see any wrong you have done to others in breaking down of others. GOD is not happy about such things and will not allow these things and sins to go unnoticed.  You will stand before God one day soon, so best now to get right with God or suffer the consequences. As I said before, l know this will be just joked or smirked on, made fun on, not given serious thought, if that is you.  You are what l mentioned.  You are cold and hardhearted and I pray God will either wake you up and humble you, or................. you fill in the blanks. It is up to you Christian or those who may not be saved. If unsaved and unsure about what becoming saved from hell, contact us and we can show you in the Bible verses to go to that talks about salvation and becoming 'born again'.

Love in Christ to all, no matter your opinion. Amen.

© Mike Carey; November 24, 2011

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The tongue is a little member Brother Mike, but what a great matter it kindleth. Praying for God's mercy on you.
Pastor Lake