Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Seven Things About God's Grace

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.  Ephesians 2:8-9 
My grace is sufficient for thee.  2 Corinthians 12:9

Awhile ago, l preached this and now l shall put it here and share with you.  As the Lord called me on this, so this l will do for Him. I may have changed some things, too and added my own to it, as it was longggg time ago. 

I would like to say first, what is God's grace, or grace as it says in the Bible? Simply, grace itself means undeserved favour or goodwill God gives us and loving mercy from Him for the salvation of our souls which we don't deserve. 

Some things l would like to say what His grace means to me. 

1. God's grace is amazing --- because l am saved from Hell and l no longer  worry where I will go when l die. I do not deserve from Him His grace, as it much undeserved, but He saved me by my faith in Him as a young boy.  l am ever so thankful to my Lord God and my heavenly Father, my only true Father, who saved me from the pits of hell and for that l am eternally thankful, grateful and in communion more with Him now than ever before. His grace is amazing and l love Him more because of this. No man can save us from anything, but God who looked down on me and came to seek and save that which was lost, ME, l turned to Him as He was right there waiting for me to turn to Him so He could prepare a place for me in heaven. Amen.

2. God's grace is understandable --- because l understand what He did for me in allowing His Son Jesus Christ to die on the old rugged cross for my sins and took my place and died for ME.  Imagine that! Why would He do that for ME, a sinner once lost?  Now l redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, glory to God for this and His never ending sweet love to me. HIS umbrella of grace is like that blanket that covers a bed to keep it from getting dirty, as it protect you and keeps you warm. Well, God Himself keeps me warm under His wings, but if you take your eyes off Him, you peek out from under His blanket of protection and will get involved in sin, so do keep Him in sight all times and keep under HIS wings. Under His wings is under His guidance, His care, His concern for us, and more so to me, His protection.

3. God's grace is a magnet --- because as we hear His sweet voice convicting us, we are drawn ever more closer to Him.  As when you are drawn to Him like a penny to a magnet, you are closer to Him than you imagine. He is a magnet as He draws people closer to Him because of His free gift of salvation that so many desperately need in these last days. The magnet of His glory is like unto visegrip that never looses, that is rusted on forever.  When He saves you, He redeems you.  He sanctifies you and sets you apart from this wicked world and sets you aside so He can use you for His service and for His glory each day.

4. God's grace is a field of flowers --- because it is where the Lily of the valley blooms  and where His sweet odour tells you that you are alive and refreshed in Him, not in decay anymore and you are the object of His affection. Where the lilies bloom and roses brightly show their glossy wine and snow coloured colours, and so the fragrance of the Lord's bosom.  The colour of  our Lord Jesus Christ's red blood saves and His white robe of righteousness that He gives after salvation.  l say, we are the field and He is the harvester as He is ready to take home His children.

5. God's grace is a picture of light --- because we shine in a dead and dark world full of pride, corruption, and rebellion. But, we can be a mirror image of our Father God if we live according to His commandments.  Keep in mind we are the light of the world now and if we don't shine the way we should for Him, we will be in darkness. To be a light is to saved from the world and ourselves, from others, and from hell.  To be saved from going to hell should be number 1 on our list that would make us shine to others so we are able to lead someone else to Jesus. As Christ the Lord has given us grace and more mercy each day, we should be and must show it to others.  If we don't, we will be just like the world itself. A world without Christ is to live in hopelessness. To live in Christ and be as He is is to live an abundant life.

6. God's grace is like a trophy room --- because we are on display for the world to see, thereby we must put on the whole armour of God to protect ourselves from the devil and the evils of the world. We are on display for all to see and to show and tell them about Christ.  We must be willing to be on display in the proper and right way, in a graceful way, otherwise we will be looked down on as they would want nothing to do with us or even be as one of us. When Jesus is the true lover of our soul, we will be more committed and surrendered to Him in all areas of our life. We should be anyway. We are to be a trophy for our Lord in a way that as while on display for Him, we need to be an example for others especially those in need.  All without Christ is in dire need of Him and for His free gift of eternal salvation, too. To be a trophy of the grace of God our Father, we need to allow Him to take the reins and steer us in His paths to display to this reprobate world all that He means to us, what He has done for us, in us, and how we may lead the lost to Him.

7. God's grace is sufficient --- because when He says my grace is sufficient for thee, it is all we need.  Without it, people are lost and doomed.  You cannot have faith without grace and vice versa. You cannot have one without the other. It is impossible. When all else fails you and you are at the end of your rope, if saved, His grace is sufficient.  It is enough for you to live each day and will sustain you long as you depend, rely, and commit yourself to Him every day of your life. If you are not saved, realize this: you are a sinner, you have sinned, you must confess your sins, you must be heartfeltfully convicted and ask forgiveness from the Lord Jesus.  You must ask Him to have mercy on you, and come into your heart and save you.  Simple.  Children can do it, so can you friend.
A little tidbit from Oswald J.Smith goes:

I have seen Him, l have known Him,
For He deigns to walk with me;
And the glory of His presence
Will be mine eternally.
O the glory of His presence,
O the beauty of His face,
I am His and His forever,
He has won me by His grace.

Amen to this!  I love it.

(c) Mike Carey; November 27, 2011

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