Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Questions To Ponder (Part 1)

I found something the other day, as l was intentionally looking for this material, and came across it. I wrote this back in 2008 and the Lord convicted me very much on much of this. It is my writing the Lord gave to me to write back then, so I will share it with you readers, and maybe the Lord will bless you and convict where needed, as He sure did me. Hard to imagine the Lord convicting you on your own writing, but when it is of God, it really is not our writing, but the Lord's. Read and l pray you'll be challenged as well. Reading this again even challenged me on many things, so here it is my friends. God bless you always. Maybe in time, if the Lord wills it, l will do sermons on each question, or statement. Reason l have is because of so much l have to put down, I will only do a portion for now and do more another date, as this will be in at least 3 parts. Too much time as my Bible time and prayer time is more important, but the Lord gives me time to do this also so l do a bit for now. 

Here it is:
  • Are we that weak that we can't acknowledge GOD for who He is? 
  • Are we that backslidden that we can't put our wickedness behind us and step forward in a brighter light in our precious Saviour?
  • Are we that vain in our feeble attempts that we try to make ourselves big and great in our own eyes, at the same time quenching the Holy Spirit? 
  • Are we that full of pride and so hard hearted that we can't see past our vileness and not see what's before us? Our Wonderful Saviour? 
  • Do we have such an attitude of self-denial and shame that we can't count on GOD to lift us up when we mostly need it? 
  • Do we attempt to malign others in a way to build ourselves up, yet not break down in humility to acknowledge HE who died in our place? 
  • Are we that truthfully trustworthy in our minds, ways and thoughts that we can't see through this blight; not trust in, how know we can be content and secure in the arms of Jesus? 
  • Why do we grieve the Holy Spirit in an attempt to be our own man or woman and have our own way, when we can fall prostrate and cry out to Almighty God to cleanse us from our sins and renew a right spirit within us? 
  • Why are we so theologically and doctrinally sound when we can't even allow our Lord God to work in us to accomplish His will for our lives? 
  • Have we strayed so far from the fold that our tender Shepherd has given us for a safe refuge from danger and the terribleness of this carnal world? 
  • Are we in a state of utter despair and deception that we refuse, reject, and deny the authority of God's Holy Word, the KJB, and His holiness? 
  • Why do we give in to the thoughts, idealogy, concepts, laws of man, when we should be trusting in and surrendering to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? 
  • Is it not true that we live in a Christ-less country where people rather count their wealth and time instead of giving thanks where thanks is due, in Jesus Christ? 
  • Is it not hard to kick against the pricks of corruption, prejudice, and discrimination; and believe all the hooplah of the government  and it's so called morals, than allow the commandments of God to humble and lower ourselves to the point where we live according to, and under, God's divine mercy and grace? 
  • Do we live day to day with no purpose in life and no excitement, dreary, downplodden, living in remorse and humiliation than to be caught up in the glory and splendor of our Lord Jesus Christ? 
  • Are we just a stone's throw away from certain financial destitution and insanity, or are we relying on God's faithful promises and in that He'd never leave us nor forsake us? 
  • Do we intentionally desire to live out our fleshly lustful lusts and so called needs, and in turn forsaking the assembly of each other for the purpose of loving each other and exhorting one another in appreciative togetherness? 
  • Are we so concerned with the conversion of sinners that we come to the point where we feel we need not witness anymore; too proud of the thought, that, hey, I have God, l'm going to heaven, l'm spiritual, I don't need to witness, yet at the same time the verse 'he that winneth souls is wise', is not this a direct commandment from God Himself? 
  • Are we that coldminded and liberalistic in thought that we get caught up in a dictatorial religion, where God and the Holy Spirit is out, yet not realizing God and the Holy Spirit, both are ready to be let in our hearts? 
  • Must we be lustful, prideful, contentious, foolish, wicked in our attitude, that we can't even bow on bended knee to confess it ALL, repent with heartfelt remorse and have Jesus Christ our Lord forgive us? 
  • Why do we worry about public opinion when all that matters is God's opinion? 
  • Why do we resist, grieve, and quench the Holy Spirit? Because we are not instant nor constant in prayer. Our minds, our thoughts, our hearts are not on the things of God, nor centered on HIS Holiness, HIS Goodness, HIS Beauty, HIS Ways, His Thoughts, HIS Providence, HIS Mercy, HIS Grace, His Faithfulness, His Righteousness. 
(End of Part 1)

(c) Mike Carey, December 1, 2011

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