Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Questions To Ponder (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the 1st part l did some time ago. Too much at once to write at one time, so l now continue on with this. There may not be Scripture, but believe me there is. At that time l did not intend to use verses to support all this.  Though it can be, l will carry on as what is written the way it is and no add ons, with possible exceptions. Thank you. 

The questions:
  • Should we deny our Christian faith and give in to the beliefs of other religions, or should we follow, live in obedience, and surrender to Jesus Christ no matter what?
  • Are we to give in to these so-called bibles believing  God inspired these books for our benefit, or instead believing by faith that God has one Bible? The simplest answer? - Get on your face before almighty God.  Humble yourself in His sight.  Pray and ask Him, He will answer and tell you His Holy Word is the KJB, even though others will mock you silently and all will doubt you. 
  • Do you know that when you doubt God, doubt what His Holy Word says, you call Him a liar?
  • Do you know that the power of conviction from the Holy Spirit can beat the damnable pride out of you and make you do, act and say things that are pleasing to God? 
  • Do you know the Holy Spirit can convict you on things that no person ever could? 
  • Do you realize what NO PERSON knows about you? God does, for God hates sins of all kinds.  
  • Do you know that if you never confess your sins and repent and ask His Son Jesus to come into your heart and life in brokenness of heart and humility, you will go to hell? 
  • Do we live in such an age where rebellion, strifes, stirrings and heartache create division in churches, that we ignore what God can do in us to aright such things? 
  • Do we allow apostacy in these local churches to grow to a point where believers and non-believers are alike? Where we, believers, grow weaker in faith and we depart from Holy God by allowing some men to dictate to us their values, ideas, vain babbling, philosophies, arrogant smugness, tolerance for world leaders to preach behind pulpits, and non-believers to follow?  Where we do not allow God Almighty in heaven to show us all the way, how to live the life that God can give each one of us and lead us in a  way of complete humility, true surrender, and complete obedience to Jesus our Lord? 
  • Are we that foolish to think we can be godly, at the same time Godless? Why do we never feel the need for that longing for God in our souls? 
  • Are we that self-absorbed and shellshocked that we have no need for that satisfying deeper hunger for God that our spirit craves for? 
  • Why are we so complacent in our Christian lives and comfortable that we reject the idea of a loving God who can give us the desires of our heart? 
  • Why do we serve the wickedness of this lustful world, not serve and be best friends with our risen Saviour? 
  • Why do we drool after carnal things of this life when we don't even want to be consumed by the Holy Spirit and what our Majestic Lord God in heaven has?WHY?   WHY?   WHY? 
  • Are we at a loss for words for the lost and hellbound sinner, that we rather gloat in our own 'Christian' attitudes while denying them the chance to become saved by ignoring them? 
  • Do you want to be under the guiding arm of the Lord Jesus Christ, convicting you of your blatant sins, or would you rather be living a Christless lifestyle and go to a Christless eternity? 
  • Are we just a passing ship in the darkness of the world, or are we a beacon of light and hope for others to see? 
  • Are our senses that dull and incapacitated that we rather be decapitated from the love of Christ, rather than live in the fullness, richness of Christ and be smothered in His Glory? 
  • Are people that full of stinking pride and inhuman wickedness, that they can't see what they become, and turn to Jesus Christ our Saviour to become who they need to be for Christ and depend on Him wholeheartedly thru His free gift of eternal salvation? 
  • Why do we fill our minds with the attitudes of this 'politically correct' garbage that the world forces on us and not be firm and take a stand on what is 'Biblically Correct'? 
  • Why do we say: "l care for you, l love you, l want the best for you, I am interested in you, I want to see you happy and succeed", when our eyes and whole countenance say the exact opposite? WHY? WHY? WHY? 
  • Why do we feel no remorse on things we say, what we do, how we act, no guilt, yet all we have to do is kneel before Almighty God and repent? 
  • Why do so many profess Jesus Christ as their Saviour and call themselves a Christians, yet know not what one is and how to act, live, talk, and dress as one? 
  • Why do we call what is wicked acceptable, yet what is Godly wicked? Because of sin. 
  • Why do so many say they love God and Jesus yet rebell against Him, show Him hate and contempt, and live in direct disobedience to Him?
 (End of Part 2)

(c) Mike Carey; December 2008

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