Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wisdom And Understanding - Where Are They?

(But they truly don't find wisdom even.  They live in the wilderness of unbelief.) 

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Just something simple the Lord gave me so l decided to talk a little on such things. This will be short and to the point. First a rundown on the meaning of some words in the following passages. Wisdom - a store of knowledge, intelligence drawing on experience and governed by prudence. Prudence - foresight leading a person to avoid error, danger. Understanding - power to form reasoned judgments, feeling and showing sympathy, tolerance, etc. Knowledge - the state of knowing. Very simple this meaning huh? Fear - to be afraid, to revere with awe, (as in and with God).

Knowledge does not begin with nor originate with no fear of God, and wisdom is not the beginning of no fear of the attributes of GOD, and who He is. To have knowledge (a good healthy dose of true knowledge) is the fact that the LORD, who created us in His glorious image, put it in us (true believers) when we learn to fear Him. As we age, we develop more in these things: wisdom, different emotions, understanding, prudence.  God allows us to grow differently to each other as we all have a different level of these items listed above.   

Unfortunately, the world views false knowledge in what we now know as to better yourself, to help yourself out, to give to yourself in better ways,  and then to grow what others seemingly can teach you - but all in worldly matters and means. For real knowledge to truly begin in us, it must come from GOD Himself who not only created us humans for His glory, but also expects us to grow in all aspects with His Holy Spirit in us, if saved. Unsaved people can know more than Christians, but can never have a KNOWLEDGE of Biblical matters or even know anything of the Lord Jesus Christ. If they are to, they must be saved first.  Only the Lord gives true knowledge, wisdom, a good fear in Him to those saved ones.  Only then will they understand better His ways and thoughts to a minute degree. The ungodly will never have the true knowledge of knowing the attributes of the Lord Jesus Christ regardless of how much they will argue with you on such matters. Some will though no matter what as pride tells them they know more about Christ-centered things more than Christians themselves. They do know more, but only of worldly things, the evil and wicked things of the world which is "knowledge" of worldy things and philosophies.  These are all they know. It is not a knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, the deity of Christ, the gospel. Too many religions are up to date on much information that end up in void final answers.  They do not reach at par with the Word of God.  As once some have knowledge of the Bible, they like to build themselves up in something they are not. They see, to be knowledgeable people who can tell you anything, and even when wrong, will still tell and explain to you things they know nothing about or have no wisdom and understanding in.

True knowledge comes from a healthy and reverential fear of our Master the Lord God Himself, not from others who know something. Reading the Word of God will tell you how to have a fear of God in ways that people will never understand. Fear God.  He only will give you true understanding in all matters, not man. If you reject the Bible, what the Lord has to tell you, try to give to you, and teach you what He expects you to know, you are a fool - very foolish indeed! Chances are also, you are very ignorant of the Lord and His Word.  Otherwise many would not reject the wisdom and instruction that the Lord wants to tell and teach so many of you out there. 

Kindly read again Proverbs 1:7. Many are attacked and tested by others.  Those who have no true understanding, knowledge and wisdom that only the Lord can give will try you, test you, try to make you doubt, and even doubt yourself in what the LORD can teach you and speak to you on such things. If you cannot be taught, you doubt the Word of God and what He says in His Bible. I for one want to be taught, contrary to what some l know says about me.  Only God knows me.  No person knows me the way the Lord does. 

Another proof is Proverbs 9:10 that says: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. 

Just as above, wisdom does not come from man but from God Himself and not what others tell you nor teach you. Some can teach you proper things.  But, to have a true wisdom is only to be gotten from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ NOT from any person.  Humans can never reason why such a holy God can give a person these attributes that outweigh the ignorance and ego of man himself. 

Job 28:12 states: "But where shall wisdom be found? and where is the place of understanding?" 

So where shall wisdom be found? Is it found in books written by heathen man? Is it found in the countless numbers of books worldwide that are written? Or is it placed in a secluded spot where no one is allowed to enter to read what is in there? Is it the world itself, as it claims to have all the answers? Where do people go for understanding? Where is this place where they go to look for it? Many go to whore houses, to their porno shops, get involved in degrading practices with animals.  A lot of people now have lowered themselves lower than the lowest form of animal life, lower than a pig in a pigpen wallowing in his own mire and filth and dirt. Absolutely, nothing can be found in these places!  A place of understanding cannot be found in any worldly setting on earth.  Nor can wisdom, understanding, fear of the Lord be found in any dead religion.  The only place where it Can and Will be found is in the Saviour of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ.  He only is "the way, the truth , and the life , no man cometh unto the Father but by me." John 14:6. Nothing can be found, no wisdom, nor there is a place of understanding outside of our dear Lord God in heaven, who can give to you the best, if you call on Him. 

But today, the world has in fact seem to have the answers to all the problems that most are facing now in a degenerate world that has gone downhill. The world has all the answers as they try to outdo the One who has all the answers to every possible problem that this stinking, self-righteous, rebellious world seems to have. The world has polluted all around as they have the wealth, commercialism, liberistic beliefs, heathen pagan practices of immorality and wicked sexual practices, and all that are included in this rotten filth of a pigsty that we live in.  Man has ruined and defiled our world with his upheld hand in defiance and hate towards a loving and sovereign God who created them in His image, and who put the conscience in every living person to know evil from good and right from wrong. Wisdom, understanding, prudence and knowledge plus other attributes go hand in hand in knowing a loving God. He also hates sin of all kinds, and abhors it with a passion. He is the God of great love, and the God of great anger and wrath. What will you receive after you die?

Where do you go to get your wisdom and where it your place of understanding? Or have you missed the greatest gift that the Lord Christ can give you? To have wisdom, knowledge, understanding, etc., you cannot get it from the world.  The world can only give you a minute morsel compared to the great riches the Lord God in heaven can give to you, IF you admit you're a sinner, admit your sin guilt, confess your sins, repent of your wickedness, turn from your lifetime of sins, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and ask Him for His mercy to save you. If you don't, you only will have these items based on what the world can teach you, not on what the Lord has done for you and can do for you.  Now is your time to do something for Him instead of being in a hellhole - lonely and desolate - ignoring Him. Come out of your mire and set yourself on solid ground.  He will save you, IF you put your faith and trust in Him. If you don't, hell awaits you. Have a fear of God knowing He hates sin.  You should fear Him in a way that you are fearful of His consequences if you dare to sin in front of Him; whether in public or in secret. His arm is not shortened that it cannot save you from hell and deliver you to heaven. He will deliver you from your sins and hell, IF you have faith and trust in Him to save you. 

Again, if you don't, hell awaits you.  If you do, heaven awaits you even more.

(c) Mike Carey; December 2011

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